A pandemic, extreme weather, and new city mandates create a perfect storm for thousands of people without a place to call home.

By Camille Wheeler
Photos by Camille Wheeler


A tenants’ union in Kansas City, MO, works to address housing insecurity on multiple fronts — from tenant support to changes in citywide housing policy.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Chase Castor

COVID-19, Housing

While employment numbers have stabilized, financial hardship leaves many in a state of housing insecurity.

By Matt Smith

COVID-19, Housing

Rappahannock Food Pantry in Virginia helps low-income residents survive the rising costs of living.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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A network in Western New York is helping residents overcome barriers to connect to resources

By Jim McKeever

Photos by Michelle Gabel

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Why Not Prosper, a nonprofit in Philadelphia, helps women rebuild their lives after incarceration.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos and video by Jim Tuttle

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Pastor Paul Montoya is a fixture of support and service among the homeless community in Pueblo, CO.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Four cousins honor the legacy of their grandparents by feeding and caring for people experiencing homelessness in Austin.

Story and photos by Camille Wheeler

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Every week for the past eight years, Janet Matzen has been cooking as a form of service and activism.

By Cecily Sailer and Kelly West

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With buildings closed, the Austin Public Library shifts resources to maintain public service.

By Cecily Sailer

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Dining room managers for Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa are still serving meals, but miss gathering around a table.

By Martin do Nascimento and Cecily Sailer

COVID-19, Food Security, Pandemic Profiles

Amy Price is fundraising for Austin’s homeless in an altered landscape, and from a distance.

By Cecily Sailer

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Austin Doerr is trying to hold on to his family’s small business in the wake of stay-at-home orders.

By Kelly West

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Homeless, living with HIV, and lacking antiretroviral medication, Bella Casebolt is fighting to survive.

By Martin do Nascimento

COVID-19, Food Security, Health, Housing, Pandemic Profiles

For the president and CEO of Samaritan House, protecting at-risk residents during the COVID-19 crisis requires vigilance and hope.

By Cecily Sailer

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For many Texans concerned during the COVID-19 crisis, the 211 hotline offers verified information, reassurance, resources, and compassion.

By Cecily Sailer

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For Oakland’s unhoused population, survival during the COVID-19 crisis becomes harder by the day, but advocate Derrick Soo isn’t slowing down.

By Cecily Sailer and Martin do Nascimento

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Two mental and spiritual wellness experts share insights on caring for ourselves and others as we enter a new phase of separation.

By Cecily Sailer

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At Ivy Tech Community College, a network of more than 40 campuses in Indiana, a pillar of their strategic plan is to ensure the basic needs of students are met.

By Kelly West and Jodi Gonzalez

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