One organization in Austin, TX attributes homelessness to a ‘catastrophic loss of community,’ so they set out to build one.

By Jim Tuttle

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A pandemic, extreme weather, and new city mandates create a perfect storm for thousands of people without a place to call home.

By Camille Wheeler
Photos by Camille Wheeler


A tenants’ union in Kansas City, MO, works to address housing insecurity on multiple fronts — from tenant support to changes in citywide housing policy.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Chase Castor

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A food security initiative in Austin is feeding the city’s most vulnerable and keeping restaurants open.

By Katie Friel and Kelly West

Photos by Kelly West

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Pastor Paul Montoya is a fixture of support and service among the homeless community in Pueblo, CO.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Four cousins honor the legacy of their grandparents by feeding and caring for people experiencing homelessness in Austin.

Story and photos by Camille Wheeler

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Every week for the past eight years, Janet Matzen has been cooking as a form of service and activism.

By Cecily Sailer and Kelly West

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With buildings closed, the Austin Public Library shifts resources to maintain public service.

By Cecily Sailer

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Rebuilding his life after addiction and homelessness, Richard Barber turns to service for his neighbors.

By Cecily Sailer

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The East Oakland Collective activates its city-wide network to support at-risk and underserved communities through the pandemic.

By Martin do Nascimento and Cecily Sailer

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A photographer sets out to find two friends living on the streets of downtown Austin amid the pandemic.

By Camille Wheeler

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Dining room managers for Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa are still serving meals, but miss gathering around a table.

By Martin do Nascimento and Cecily Sailer

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Amy Price is fundraising for Austin’s homeless in an altered landscape, and from a distance.

By Cecily Sailer

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Homeless, living with HIV, and lacking antiretroviral medication, Bella Casebolt is fighting to survive.

By Martin do Nascimento

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“You guys are like heroes for the city,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler says when he addresses the group set to take an annual census of people experiencing homelessness.

By Omar L. Gallaga and Kelly West

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