Why Not Prosper, a nonprofit in Philadelphia, helps women rebuild their lives after incarceration.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos and video by Jim Tuttle

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The Multicultural Refugee Coalition provides employment opportunities for refugee women to support their families in Central Texas.

By Jim Tuttle

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Ofelia Alonso is fighting for youth voices to be counted in the Rio Grande Valley.

By Kelly West

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A workforce development program in Pennsylvania helps incarcerated people find employment when they’re released.

By Jim Tuttle

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Unable to work, Latino domestic workers and day laborers struggle to survive the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Martin do Nascimento

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At Dig Deep Farms in Ashland, California, formerly incarcerated people like Philip Bonds and Kimberly Thomas are welcomed to learn, work and contribute to their community through paid reentry internships aimed at reducing recidivism.

By Martin do Nascimento and Katie Friel

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Not Your Typical Culinary Academy trains young adults with developmental disabilities. “It’s amazing when somebody gets a chance and has the right support, what they’re capable of accomplishing in life.”

By Jim Tuttle

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