Birth workers supporting Black and Latinx women find their work even more critical in the pandemic.

By Kelly West

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For Appalachia’s Latinx communities, barriers to care are often more complicated than cost.

By Taylor Sisk

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By accounting for history and investing in communities, nonprofit hospitals can address racial disparities in health care.

By Erica Browne

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For too long, state and local governments have improperly equated public safety with law enforcement.

By Abena Subira Mackall

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A Michigan physician reflects on the lessons learned during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

By Katie Friel

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The East Oakland Collective activates its city-wide network to support at-risk and underserved communities through the pandemic.

By Martin do Nascimento and Cecily Sailer

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An Austin nursing home caregiver joins her first organized protest as thousands rally for racial equality across the country.

By Cecily Sailer

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