The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a domestic violence epidemic. It’s not over yet.

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos and video by Martin do Nascimento

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How California teens are working to end relationship violence.


By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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“Tradition and culture are really at the core of who we are … It’s how we heal.”

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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A network of organizations in California reimagines how reports of domestic violence are handled.

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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Using her skills as a trapeze artist, Erin Carey became a wildland firefighter to give back to her community.

By Nic Coury

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A growing Austin-based program provides free hotel rooms and new paths for survivors of domestic violence.

By Jim Tuttle

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Teachers in Appalachia face additional hardships during the pandemic, as districts push for in-person learning.

By Jessica Salfia

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For too long, state and local governments have improperly equated public safety with law enforcement.

By Abena Subira Mackall

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