Children with chronic illnesses are at least twice as likely as healthy children to develop a mental health disorder yet few programs cater to the needs of these children and their families.

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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Why Not Prosper, a nonprofit in Philadelphia, helps women rebuild their lives after incarceration.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos and video by Jim Tuttle

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Dr. Joan Duvall-Flynn discusses the importance of trauma-informed education and the movement to spread awareness.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos and video by Jim Tuttle

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“Tradition and culture are really at the core of who we are … It’s how we heal.”

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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Grand Family Coalition in Loveland, CO, provides support and resources for grandparents caring for younger generations.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Carrying Hope scales up operations to provide essential items to children entering Texas foster homes.

By Jim Tuttle and Cecily Sailer

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A call line in the Texas Rio Grande Valley is filling a gap for people needing emotional support.

By Valerie Gonzalez and Kelly West

Photos by Kelly West

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A nonprofit in Kentucky helps young single moms achieve their goals, with additional help during the pandemic.

By Jim Tuttle

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Using her skills as a trapeze artist, Erin Carey became a wildland firefighter to give back to her community.

By Nic Coury

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Bikers Against Child Abuse offers empowerment and solidarity for children who’ve experienced abuse.

By Cecily Sailer and Jim Tuttle

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University High School in Austin, TX, offers teens in recovery an education, a community, and the tools for sobriety.

By Cecily Sailer

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A retreat in rural Kentucky helps veterans and their families cope with the challenges of PTSD.

By Jim Tuttle

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FreedHearts helps conservative Christian parents of LGBTQ children reconcile love and faith.

By Cecily Sailer

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A nonprofit in rural Pennsylvania uses outdoor activities to help wounded veterans in their transition to civilian life.

By Jim Tuttle

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For too long, state and local governments have improperly equated public safety with law enforcement.

By Abena Subira Mackall

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A Michigan physician reflects on the lessons learned during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

By Katie Friel

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‘Crazy Pills’ and Jesus weren’t enough to cure the stigma of mental health issues in Appalachia, so these women took action.

By Taylor Sisk

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Survivors of trauma use experiential therapy to process difficult feelings, including anxiety about COVID-19.

By Jim Tuttle

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Professor Dede Sparks wants to raise awareness for the often unseen work that social workers do, the toll it can take, and how to build resilience for the days ahead.

By Dede Sparks

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Graffiti artist Sloke One finds and creates inspiration during quarantine.

By Kelly West

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Cherice Harrison-Nelson stays grounded by the cultural traditions that her family has honored for generations.

By Kelly West

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For the president and CEO of Samaritan House, protecting at-risk residents during the COVID-19 crisis requires vigilance and hope.

By Cecily Sailer

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For many Texans concerned during the COVID-19 crisis, the 211 hotline offers verified information, reassurance, resources, and compassion.

By Cecily Sailer

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Mutual aid organizations are forming across the country to fill in the gaps for their communities affected by COVID-19

By Kelly West

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Two mental and spiritual wellness experts share insights on caring for ourselves and others as we enter a new phase of separation.

By Cecily Sailer

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At Simple Sparrow Care Farm people learn how to grow gardens and care for animals, and along the way, they also learn how to care for themselves.

By Kelly West and Caitlin Meredith

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