Children with chronic illnesses are at least twice as likely as healthy children to develop a mental health disorder yet few programs cater to the needs of these children and their families.

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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Climate change is a threat to people with disabilities that has historically been overlooked by policymakers and researchers.

By Sara Kassabian

Photos by Martin do Nascimento

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Rappahannock Food Pantry in Virginia helps low-income residents survive the rising costs of living.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Pittsburgh’s oldest HIV organization provides integrated care for people living with a virus that still has no cure.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Jim Tuttle

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NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania provides home repairs and safety modifications for older adults.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos and video by Jim Tuttle

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NOVA ScriptsCentral in Northern Virginia helps low-income patients access life-saving drugs for chronic illnesses.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Grand Family Coalition in Loveland, CO, provides support and resources for grandparents caring for younger generations.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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Pastor Paul Montoya is a fixture of support and service among the homeless community in Pueblo, CO.

By Cecily Sailer
Photos by Kelly West

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A call line in the Texas Rio Grande Valley is filling a gap for people needing emotional support.

By Valerie Gonzalez and Kelly West

Photos by Kelly West

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Charity Chandler-Cole envisions foster care in Los Angeles as a restorative, healing space for young people of color.

By Martin do Nascimento

Care, Education, Fostering Conversation, Housing, Racial equality

For Appalachia’s Latinx communities, barriers to care are often more complicated than cost.

By Taylor Sisk

Care, COVID-19, Health, Racial equality

Every week for the past eight years, Janet Matzen has been cooking as a form of service and activism.

By Cecily Sailer and Kelly West

Care, Food Security, Housing

By accounting for history and investing in communities, nonprofit hospitals can address racial disparities in health care.

By Erica Browne

Care, COVID-19, Health, Opinion, Racial equality

A nonprofit in rural Pennsylvania uses outdoor activities to help wounded veterans in their transition to civilian life.

By Jim Tuttle

Care, Mental Health, Veterans

‘Crazy Pills’ and Jesus weren’t enough to cure the stigma of mental health issues in Appalachia, so these women took action.

By Taylor Sisk

Care, Health, Mental Health

Rebuilding his life after addiction and homelessness, Richard Barber turns to service for his neighbors.

By Cecily Sailer

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Professor Dede Sparks wants to raise awareness for the often unseen work that social workers do, the toll it can take, and how to build resilience for the days ahead.

By Dede Sparks

Care, COVID-19, Mental Health, Opinion

A photographer sets out to find two friends living on the streets of downtown Austin amid the pandemic.

By Camille Wheeler

Care, COVID-19, Housing

Oakland at Risk matches high-risk residents with neighbors who are ready to offer support.

By Martin do Nascimento and Austin Price

Care, COVID-19, Food Security

Hospice chaplains are finding creative ways to connect with clients and provide comfort despite social distancing.

By Jim Tuttle and Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Pandemic Profiles

Amy Price is fundraising for Austin’s homeless in an altered landscape, and from a distance.

By Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Housing, Pandemic Profiles

UT’s Dell Medical School launches the COVID-19 ATX Exchange to funnel PPE donations to “second-line” care workers.

By Cecily Sailer

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For the president and CEO of Samaritan House, protecting at-risk residents during the COVID-19 crisis requires vigilance and hope.

By Cecily Sailer

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A grassroots effort in New Orleans is feeding front line hospital workers and helping local restaurants stay in business.

By Kelly West

Care, COVID-19, Health

As COVID-19 arrived in Texas, nurse Andrea Dunn learned she’s six weeks pregnant with her second child.

By Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Health, Pandemic Profiles, Work

For many Texans concerned during the COVID-19 crisis, the 211 hotline offers verified information, reassurance, resources, and compassion.

By Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Food Security, Health, Housing, Mental Health, Money, Work

For birth worker Ellen Gonzalez, the COVID-19 crisis makes it more difficult to support and connect with her clients when they need her most.

By Kelly West

Care, COVID-19, Health, Pandemic Profiles, Work

For Oakland’s unhoused population, survival during the COVID-19 crisis becomes harder by the day, but advocate Derrick Soo isn’t slowing down.

By Cecily Sailer and Martin do Nascimento

Care, COVID-19, Food Security, Health, Housing, Pandemic Profiles

Mutual aid organizations are forming across the country to fill in the gaps for their communities affected by COVID-19

By Kelly West

Care, COVID-19, Food Security, Goods, Housing, Mental Health

Hernandez continues to visit her in-home care clients during the COVID-19 crisis — she says they need her now more than ever.

By Kelly West and Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Health, Pandemic Profiles

Groups addressing food insecurity are scrambling to stock clients’ pantries with food during a sudden pandemic.

By the Stories Team

Care, COVID-19, Food Security

Two mental and spiritual wellness experts share insights on caring for ourselves and others as we enter a new phase of separation.

By Cecily Sailer

Care, COVID-19, Mental Health

One small Austin food pantry is on a mighty mission to end food insecurity and waste.

By Kelly West and Katie Friel

Care, Food Security, Health, Housing

A Los Angeles nonprofit is challenging the prevailing narratives on foster care.

By Martin do Nascimento and Anthony Pico

Care, Education, Fostering Conversation

At Simple Sparrow Care Farm people learn how to grow gardens and care for animals, and along the way, they also learn how to care for themselves.

By Kelly West and Caitlin Meredith

Care, Health, Mental Health, Work

Barn Yard Equine was founded by two friends who had seen how working with horses can benefit people with disabilities.

By Jim Tuttle

Care, Education, Health

Anthony Pico speaks to Reed Connell from A Home Within, a national organization that connects current and former foster youth to therapy services.

By Martin do Nascimento and Omar L. Gallaga

Care, Fostering Conversation, Health

“You guys are like heroes for the city,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler says when he addresses the group set to take an annual census of people experiencing homelessness.

By Omar L. Gallaga and Kelly West

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